Aamir Khan faces asthma after Dangal weight gain

Amritsar, Aamir khan is rightly said Mr. Perfectionist as he can create the originality and reality in his movies. He is now performing in his new movie; ‘Dangal’ and he increased ... Continue Reading →
Aamir Khan Dangal Movie Look

Aamir Khan in trouble after weight increment

Mumbai, Bollywood star and Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan has increased his weight up to 30 kgs for his new coming movie, ‘Dangal’ and now he is facing the problem of breath taking. ... Continue Reading →

Alia Bhatt reduces weight for Next Film

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has reduced her weight for film “Udta Punjab”. Many actors of Bollywood take different steps to present reality in their scenes like increasing or ... Continue Reading →

Aamir Khan faces trail of calling Policemen Tulla

An application has been submitted in a police station in Delhi against Aamir Khan for saying ‘Tulla’ to a police officer in film “PK”. According to India media, Aamir Khan’s ... Continue Reading →
Kangana Ranaut

Indian Media Declared Kangana Ranaut female ‘Aamir Khan’

Mumbai, Kangana Ranaut has shown the tremendous performance in the Bollywood movie and she has made unique place. Now Indian media has declared Kangana Ranaut ‘Aamir Khan’ of Indian ... Continue Reading →

Aamir Khan was assured for Indian World Cup 2015 Victory

Everyone liked the interesting semi final match of cricket world cup between New Zealand and South Africa and Bollywood star Aamir Khan could not remained silent on New Zealand’s ... Continue Reading →
Bollywood Khans

Aamir Khan ready to work with Shahrukh & Salman

Aamir Khan has decided to perform alongside Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. according to Indian media, Aamir Khan said that he never rejected to perform with Shahrukh and Salman and ... Continue Reading →

Farah Khan: It’s impossible to get three khans together

Bollywood choreographer, director and actress Farah Khan says that it is not possible even for God to unite Shahrukh Khan, Salman and Aamir Khan in a film. 50 years old Farah Khan is ... Continue Reading →
Aamir Khan & Shahid Kapoor Pics

Aamir Khan and Shahid Kapoor nominated for Best Actors for 60th Film Fare Award

60th film fare award will be held on 31st January 2015 in which Bollywood stars will not only amuse the participants with their performance but will also achieve many awards. Amir Khan ... Continue Reading →
Deepika Padukone 2015 Hot Pics

Deepika Padukone wishes ‘all the best’ to Anushka Sharma’s “PK”

Currently number first actress in Bollywood, Deepika Padukone is famous for having pleasant relations with everyone in the film industry. The Happy New Year actress who is gossips to ... Continue Reading →
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