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Adnan Sami Becomes Nervous On Citizenship of His Daughter

Pakistani born Indian singer Adnan Sami becomes nervous on the question about citizenship of his daughter who is born in Germany. According to Indian media reports, Indian settled singer ... Continue Reading →

Adnan Sami Became Father of Daughter

Mumbai, Adnan Sami is the leading singer of India and he became father of a daughter. His wife, Roya Sami gave birth the baby girl in the local hospital in Mumbai and he is very pleased ... Continue Reading →
Adnan Sami Khan Pics

Adnan Sami Khan Left Pakistan for Indian passport

New Delhi, Pakistani singer, Adnan Sami has been living in India for last 15 years. He got visa for one year and he went to India about 15 years ago. At that time, he was given the ... Continue Reading →