Bill Gates Informs Pak PM to Invest in Pak

The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has written a letter to the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan and he showed his intention that he finds the environment of Pakistan reasonable ... Continue Reading →
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Loses The Place Of World’s Richest Person

American technology company Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates has lost the place of “world’s richest person”. According to a report by American magazine Forbes, Bill Gates was ... Continue Reading →
Bill Gates

Bill Gates near to 1 trillion Dollar of wealth

Washington, The richest person of the world and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is getting richer with the passage of time. He will become such richest person of the world till ... Continue Reading →

Amancio Ortega Snatched Top Richest Position From Bill Gates

Owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has lost his place as the world’s richest man as he was replaced by Amancio Ortega on Wednesday. Inditex is the company of Ortega which is the parent ... Continue Reading →

Owner of Microsoft 1st & Founder of Facebook Fifth Richest Person of World

New York, The founder of Facebook, Mark Zickerberg earned the profit of 3 billion and 40 crore dollars within one minutes and he became the fifth richest person around the globe. The ... Continue Reading →
Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26 Billion

Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26 Billion

Microsoft has made plan to buy the better companies like LinkedIn and it will become in good position to create better jobs for the young IT specialists. The company has started its ... Continue Reading →