Drone in maxico

Drone Got Captured 500 Criminals in Mexico

The increasing advantage of the drone technology has proved and a drone helped to get arrested about 500 criminals. In the city of Mexico, Anicenda, the police received an emergency ... Continue Reading →

Introduction of Drone to Deliver Sehri in Dubai

Dubai, It has been decided that drone service will be used in United Arab Emirates during the Holy month of Ramadan instead of the traditional ways to deliver the sehri to people at ... Continue Reading →
bat flies

Drone Bat Flies like Real Bat

Frankfurt, The German expert has prepared the modern robot model of the ‘flying fox’ of a particular bat, which flies in the similar style of the bat. The experts of various countries ... Continue Reading →

Norway Prepares Powerful Drone to Pick People

Oslo, various leading companies across the world work on the cargo quad copter drone but a company in Norway has prepared such a mega drone, which can pick a person and can travel from ... Continue Reading →
China Prepares first Passenger Drone

China Prepares first Passenger Drone

The drone company of China has brought the revolutions in by-air traveling by preparing the first passenger drone. This unique and innovative drone sets up the world record of being ... Continue Reading →

Drones Use for Home Spy

The suspicious husband in America used the drone to do the spy of his wife and the husband decided to get separation from his wife. Now the drones are not only used for light shows, ... Continue Reading →