Google & Coursera IT Support Course

Google and Coursera, the online education platform have joined together to release the training program for IT support professionals. The Google professionals and Coursera organized ... Continue Reading →

Google Datally Mobile Data Saver

Google has announced the unique app, Datally, which is he smart and simple app and it helps the users of the smart phone to save their data and also helps them to understand, control ... Continue Reading →

Best Apps on Google Play Store for 2017

Google has announced the list of the best apps of specific categories on Play Store and at the final days of Google I/O 2017, the company revealed the list of the winners to dominate ... Continue Reading →

All About Google Newest OS Fuchsia

Google has prepared its secret project, Fuchsia, which is added with number of new changes. This project was revealed last year but it was a single line of code. Fuchsia has taken up ... Continue Reading →

New Offline Features of Google Chrome

Google has provided the necessary features to the web browsers for offline users. Google has already added the new feature to Chrome last year to allow the users to download the web ... Continue Reading →
New Google Earth Gets Stunning 3D Images

New Google Earth Gets Stunning 3D Images

Google Earth is one of the oldest thing, which is made by search engine and it has received much needed upgrades. The users got the high resolution satellite image of the earth, which ... Continue Reading →

Google Solves Issue of Fake News on Internet

San Francisco, There are lot of news like rumors, images changed from Photoshop and the misleading news circulating on the internet and social media all over the world and the educated ... Continue Reading →

Alphabet drops dream of drones providing internet

On Wednesday, Google’s parent company Alphabet announced that it is planning to deliver internet service from sky through balloons instead of drones. Apart from Google, Alphabet is ... Continue Reading →
Get Placement of Friends through Google

Get Placement of Friends through Google

San Francisco, Google maps has added another new feature in its app and now the users can share their placement in the real time with others. They can tell the right direction and place ... Continue Reading →
Google Maps

Google Maps latest Features

There are reports that Google is working to update its mapping service after which the reminder of car parking will be given to the users of service. Android users are provided with ... Continue Reading →
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