Google to Fund AI Startups Through New VC Firm

Google to use NEW VC Firm for funding of AI Startup

Artificial Intelligence is known as the technology of future and now Google is launching Gradient Ventures, a new venture capital firm. For AI startups, this newly launched firm by ... Continue Reading →
No Sexual Relationship Requires to Produce New Generation

No Sexual Relationship Requires to Produce New Generation

California, Professor Hank Graily of Stanford University of America claimed that human being will not be required to have sexual relationship to produce their new generation in the ... Continue Reading →
The submarine cable boom

Pak Connects with New Submarine Cable and Design Capacity of 40 TBs Per Second

Pakistan is connected with new submarine cable system with design capacity of about 40 TBs per second across 5 fiber pairs as AAE-1 and the operations is announced to be started. AAE-1 ... Continue Reading →
Continuous use of Internet harmful for Health

Continuous use of Internet harmful for Health

  Just like an addictive person gets negative effects on his health initially after leaving the addiction and he feels week physically and mentally, the same happens with continuous ... Continue Reading →

Preparation of technology for human reproduction in Space

Space research agencies all over the world are working on the preparation of technology through which a human colony can be made on moon or Mars. Recently, Assistant professor Kris ... Continue Reading →

Fly Drones from Own Bodies Through Smart Jacket

Stockholm, man cannot fly himself but it became able to fly the drones from his own body. When we run in the childhood with open arms and we considered ourselves the planes. Now you ... Continue Reading →

Unique battery-less train in China

China has manufactured a train that will travel without railroad. Now, the train in China will travel on road that will be controlled by sensors on the road. For this purpose, a sensor ... Continue Reading →
Books in the Library

Modern System to Provide Books in the Library

The public library of New York has introduced new and latest system to provide the books to the users through train and now the booking reading lovers can study their books sitting ... Continue Reading →
INTERNET for web

Survey: 3 Billion Internet User around the World

Oslo, the social organization, ‘We are Social’ has issued latest figures, and they show that the population of the world is exceeding more than 7 billions and 200 millions. Huge ... Continue Reading →

Nokia & Microsoft deal completes on April 25

For the merger of Microsoft and Nokia, both the companies had already received approval long ago from the US Department of Justice and the European Commission and also few days ago, ... Continue Reading →
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