Know About Facebook New Cryptocurrency Libra

All You Know About Facebook New Cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook has shown the details of the cryptocurrency Libra and you can buy the things or send the money to people without paying any fee. The company has revealed the white paper, ... Continue Reading →
New Scam on WhatsApp

New Scam on WhatsApp

  Recently, a new WhatsApp scam has been discovered. Users of famous messaging app are receiving messages to install WhatsApp in different colors and then take them to a malicious ... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Back Online after Global Outage

WhatsApp is the popular messaging service, which is owned by Facebook Inc and it is suffered with widespread global outage that was lasted for several hours before it is being resolved. It ... Continue Reading →
Undo Sent Messages On Whatsapp

Undo Sent Messages On Whatsapp

Washington, Most of the times it happens that we send the message to some other person by mistake instead of sending to the right person and after that we repent on our mistake. Now ... Continue Reading →

SMS Sent on WhatsApp Can Be Deleted

The leading and well known mobile phone application, WhatsApp of the social media has introduced an important feature on the experimental basis on its updated version and the SMS sent ... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons MSN Messenger better than WhatsApp and Snapchat

Due to increase in internet connectivity and smartphones, you can easily keep in touch with your friends with the help of Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter and several other social ... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Warning Not Click Every Picture

Silicon Valley, If you receive any picture message on your WhatsApp from any unknown number, then you do not click on the picture present in this message, otherwise any unknown hacker ... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp 5 Most important features

WhatsApp has brought the people close to each other and it has created the convenience and quickness for the people to maintain their contact, talk with them and share their happiness ... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp to stop Working after Dec 30

The world’s most popular messaging platform will not support your old phone now which means you have to upgrade it or buy a new one. ‘ By the end of 2016, WhatsApp is going to end ... Continue Reading →

Whatsapp Urdu Version coming soon

Some good news are here for those people who would like to communicate in our own language. In the iOS and Android App stores an Urdu version of Whatsapp is going to be available very ... Continue Reading →
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