Teen Bride Proved Virginity but Killed Herself When Husband Wants to Bring Second Wife


Teen Bride Proved Virginity but Killed Herself When Husband Wants to Bring Second Wife

Teen Bride Proved Virginity but Killed Herself When Husband Wants to Bring Second Wife

Rajabbi Khurshed was 18 years old and she was married to Zafar Pirov, who was 24 years old. She committed the suicide 40 days after her wedding as her husband accused her of not being virgin. She had to pass through the multiple tests and she demanded to be allowed to take the second wife.

The marriage ceremony of Rajabbi Khurshed was arranged by her husband and she did not meet with her husband before. The wedding was taken place in the village, Chorbogh in Tajikistan and the state obliges the women to under the prenuptial medical exam, which is optional but it is carried out on the insistence of the families. The prenuptial exam is comprised of the virginity test and Khurshed passed it. After the marriage, her husband, Pirov humiliated her and insisted on the further virginity tests.

He asked that he did not believe in her and he demanded permission to take the second wife. Then she had the only opportunity to commit the suicide. Her family told that Khurshed told them on the deathbed that she had been under massive pressure from her husband since their wedding night and she could not take it any longer.

Khurshed was the high school student, but she left education and sacrificed her education to help her parents to look after her two disabled brothers. She drank the fatal dose of vinegar and she died in the hospital in Chorbogh after few hours. Her mother told that she had never a boyfriend or she has any intimate relationships with anyone.

She was virgin and the certificate of the doctor was also there to prove it. She claimed that her daughter was victim of slander and violence and they were continually making the public pleases to president of Tajikistan and other officials to interfere and help in preserving the memory of Khurshed.

Pirov faces the charges of driving new wife to suicide and if he found guilty, then he could face up to eight years in prison. He also defended himself and insisted that his new wife was not virgin and he claimed that she drank the vinegar when he demanded that she go back to the home of her parents.

The government started the mandatory medical check-ups for bride and groom in 2015 in order to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases but these medical tests are frequently expanded to other tests like virginity tests for the women. If the couple fails to undergo the tests and provides the proper medical certificate then the registrars refuse to recognize the marriage.

Khurshed has the option to undergo the so-called ‘purity’ test and it received the letter of the doctor confirming the result. Pirov said he took his new wife to two different clinics in which one is located in capital, Dushanbe and she had to undergo further tests to prove her purity. These tests confirmed her virginity but Pirov was adamant that doctors were wrong and said he continued to demand to his bride that she tells the truth.

Pirov pressed her to let him to bring the second wife in his home. He also told that his wife gave the written consent to him and she allowed him to get the second wife as she was not virgin when they got married. The district court imposed the ban on Pirov to travel to other cities since the trial is pending but no date has been set.

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