Telcos Pull Out Media Campaigns From Geo Network


According to sources, Pakistani operating mobile phone companies are ending their marketing campaigns from Geo Network including Geo kahani, Geo News, Geo TV and Geo Super.

Mobile phone companies confirmed us that on Geo Network, they have blocked their ad campaigns temporarily. They said that due to the sentiments of their customers, they are making this move.

Geo News

Geo News

There is allegation on Geo TV and other channels of Geo network for showing blasphemy in their TV shows which is illegal in Pakistan. During a morning show on Geo TV, a most questionable program was aired which produced large scale opposition and anger in the country for lot of people.

In the response, Geo aired an apology from the host from the nation and Almighty Allah and also fired the entire team of the morning show.

PEMRA is in process of issuing a verdict on this issue while general public and religious scholars have already ruled against Geo network.

Mobile phone companies decided to hold their media campaigns on the network temporarily while viewing the development during past few days in this regard.

Mobile phone companies, about this decision, are communicating their customers. They told customers that they’ve stopped all the advertisement on Geo Network while taking care for the feelings of their customers.

Mobile phones companies are major sponsors of Geo Network as they produce 20% revenue for all channels of Geo network.

The time for resumption of the campaigns of mobile phone companies on Geo is not known so far.

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