Telenor Summer Internship Program 2015


One of the most desired entry-level career opportunities is Telenor Summer Internship Program which are providing for the applicants also for the fresh graduated in the state. Every year big number of applicants takes part regarding this opportunity, although some of them are finally provided the apportunity to enter at the company for approximately eight weeks, furthermore the internship program ends with a grand Graduation event mainly carried out in Islamabad.



Alike to past years, 2015edition of Telenor Summer Internship Program has publically begin while attracted applicants are as well entitled apply for this grant. Regarding all those applicants, person and graduates similarly, we have lined up the below guide. The guide is as per to the experiences of a former Telenor intern, and shall be beneficial for all the applicants about the testing and selection processes, on what to suppose throughout vast ages of application processing, and how to meritoriously deal with one another.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the internship program at Telenor, the participants must meet one of the below criteria:

  1. An applicant of Bachelor’s who has done at least 6 semesters of education out of total 8
  2. An aspirant of Master’s who has done at least 2 semesters of education out of total 4
  3. A fresh graduated applicant from a 4-year Bachelor’s program
  4. A fresh graduated from a 2-year Master’s program

Relevant Departments for Telenor Summer Internship Program 2015

Entitled candidates or the Fresh Graduates from almost any educational background can apply for the internship program. Those qualified participants are going to be billed the best suited department as per to their talents and education level. Major departments at which interns can demand their assignment contains:

  • Corporate Communications & Responsibility
  • Customer Relations
  • Financial Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Products & Services
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Financial Services (Branchless Banking)
  • Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Technology Operations – Network

How to Apply:                                                              

On 29th of March 2015 the application process regarding the Telenor Summer Internship Program 2015 has commenced, and the applicants can log on to Career Portal at official Telenor website to apply.

Final Verdict:

Take in mind the below indications if you are looking for the intern opportunity at Telenor to improve your chance:

Organize a strong CV which shows your additional curricular and volunteer work,

Try to manage time effectively throughout the online test,

Be totally ready for the interview,

And most necessarily, believe in yourself.

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