TEVTA Starts Technical Chinese Courses in KPK




Due to the increase in trade between china and Pakistan after CPEC, it is now said that the Pakistanis learn their language to maintain healthy trade relationship.

Khyber pakhtunkhwa has understood the importance of the Chinese language and they are offering many short courses for the language in many of its institutions.

KPK’s Steps To Promote The Language

The Khyber pakhtunkhwa government is working with nonprofit able organizations to start short language and technical courses in Chinese.

The KP technical education and vocational training authority has offered the courses in some of the institutes so that the students become able for the job opportunities given by the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Explains Is Motives

The chief administrator at KP TEVTA Sharafat Ali said in an interview that they are taking these steps to train and educate the people who are already working in the local industries and businesses.

And he also said that they understand the importance of the corridor as it is expected to bring million of dollars to the country also the job opportunities.

They want their students and regional business to be ready to take the advantage of the opportunities as it is not only important for the country as a whole but will also be very beneficial for the province.

Further Steps

TEVTA has introduced many courses related to plumbing and welding etc. The plan to reach as many people especially the women in their province.

They opened separate classes for the women so that the number of women in their institute increase and the institutes are open for all the people.

Sharafat Ali wants to create opportunities and wants the people to get enroll in all these institutes without wasting the time. They have also worked with the industry which then allows the students of their institutes to do internships in these industries and get experience.

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