The Boss Baby earned 2.75 Billions


The 3D animated movie, ‘The Baby Boss’ was leading on the box office. This movie earned total 2.75 billion and remained ahead of all movies. The story of the movie, ‘The Baby Boss’ moves around a 7 years old child and his parents adopted a small child and this little child shows his attitude before the whole family and the elder brother started dislike him.

The little kid takes a brief case with him and he moves everywhere. He also talks quickly and considers himself not less than a boss. This movie also earned more 2.75 billion rupees this week.

The movie, ‘Beauty and the Best’ maintained its position this week and this movie was remained at the second position with the total earning of 2.62 billion rupees. The story of the movie is about a prince, who misbehaves with an old fairy and he has been changed into wolf as his punishment. It is necessary for him to be changed into the human being form as any girl shows her love to the prince in this guise.

The new animated movie, ‘Smurf the Lost Village’ was released this week and this movie earned 1.50 billion and it remained at the third number.


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