Top 15 Job Recruiters People Need to Try for Them


Top 15 Job Recruiters

Top 15 Job Recruiters

It is very cumbersome task to find a suitable job, which can cope with your educational needs. There is lack of work for the fresh graduates and limited number of options is provided to them. The candidates need to know which of the industry is offering more and more jobs and they are in great demand of the candidates, which can help them to choose the right career.

LinkedIn is the social networking platform and it helps the professionals to carry out study and find out jobs. There are about 4000 recruiters, which collected the data from it around the world and they know that jobs are currently available and number of job vacancies was collected from open listings on social network during March 2017.

The viewers take a look at the 15 most popular job designations, which are available on LinkedIn and they know which types of jobs are on demand and it can help to choose the career in the highly competitive jobs marketplace.

15.    Consultancy

There are about 130,000 job openings for the Consulting Analytics Associates, Consulting Managers and Director of Consulting and these jobs are in high demand. The major companies hire these professionals, which are Dow Jones, IBM and Moody’s Analytics.

14.    Support

The major companies and organizations like Comcast, Christie and NBC Universal Media LLC recruit support professionals especially under Client Support Specialist, Support Specialist and Desktop Support categories. The study shows that there are more than 1 million job openings in the support sector.

13.    Quality Assurance

There are over 80,000 job listings for QA experts like Quality Assurance Engineer, Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Assurance Director are present at the number 13. There are some of the most important companies, which hire these specialists and they are Adecco, Pret a Manger and JP Morgan Chase and Co.

12.    Human Resource

US Court of Appeals , Dylan’s Candy Bar and Getty Images are the companies, which are active in hiring the human resource professionals. There are over 100,000 jobs opportunities in this sector and there is extreme demand of Human Resource Intern, US Court of Appeals , Dylan’s Candy Bar and Getty Images are the companies, which are active in hiring the human resource professionals. There are over 100,000 jobs opportunities in this sector and there is extreme demand of Human Resource Intern, Human Resource Managers and Human Resources Specialists.

11.    Accounting

The companies like Fannie Mae, Volkswagen America and Cantor Fitzgerald are looking for the jobs of the Senior Accountants, Accounting Managers and Accounting Associates with the total number of open listings, which are exceeding to 160,000.

10.    Product Management

There are some of the position, which are mostly advertised and they are Product Management Specialist, Product Manager and Director of Product Management in the leading and well known companies like Weekly, HBO and Prudential Financial.

9.      Finance

The recruiting companies try to fill the role of the financial analysts especially at the ADP, Blackstone Group and Pfizer and there are over 170,000 jobs for the finance professionals.

8.      Administrative

There are some of the job opportunities of the Administrative Assistant, Administrative Coordinator and Administrative Receptionist roles, that are grabbed on LinkedIn for the companies like Tiffany and Co, AIG, Macy and there are over 250,000 jobs, which are open as per study.

7.      Program and Project Management

There are over 4000 jobs for the program managers on LinkedIn and the companies including Johnson and Johnson, Adobe and The Estee Lauder Companies are looking the people to fill in the roles of Technical Program Manager, Senior Project Manager and Digital Program Project Manager.

6.      Marketing

The companies like BBC Worldwide, Wall Street Journal and WebMD hired most of the marketing experts and there are over 390,000 jobs for same on the LinkedIn. The roles like Marketing Intern, Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing Associates are in great demand.

5.      Business Development

In the job market, the business developers are in highly demand and there are over 100,000 jobs, which are listed on LinkedIn. There are many companies including Axiom and Broadstreet and American Express Global Business Travel are searching for the jobs for the Business Development Executive, Business Development Coordinator and Business Development Manager.

4.      IT

There are some of the recruiting companies, which are working for provision of jobs in IT sector. The companies are Lucas Group and Bloomberg LP, and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum are the recruiters of the Information Technology Systems Administrator, Director of Information Technology and IT Managers. There are over 70,000 openings of the job and IT is the 4th most popular industry for the job opportunities.

3.      Engineering

There are over 300,000 job openings, which are found on LinkedIn and they are making Engineering an enticing field. There are most of the companies, which are Philips, Whitepages, and Nestle Purina North America  and they are looking for the engineering experts under the category of Engineering Project Manager, VP of engineering and Software Engineer Intern.

2.      Operations

Operations is the highly demanded career choice and there is consistent demand of the operations professionals in the big companies like Chanel, Time Inc and The Atlantic Group. The study shows that there are about 700,000 positions, which are required to be filled.

1.      Sales

The clients can find the vast number of job opportunities of sales executive, sales assistant, and director of sales and they are most tempting roles, which require new recruits. The sales professionals are in great demand at Macmillan Learning and Scholastic and London Stock Exchange Group. The recruiters have posted about 1 million jobs on the LinkedIn for the sales experts.

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