Tracking Device Helps Keep Belongings Safe


There is the tracking device, which is used to keep your belongings safe. The Mu tag is the small, discreet electronic tag, which is used to track the belongings that matter to you. It has small design to make it easier for the users to carry you around and it is conveniently connected to the smart phone and it is programmed to send the notifications to remember where you left the goods. If you forget where you keep your passport safely, this device will help you to find it.

Apart from the Google Maps that has latest and new feature to allow you remember where you have parked your car. Mu tag is provided to give more traditional tracking option. The users should utilize the iBeacon technology and Mu tag works even if you kill this app on the smart phone. This helps to save the precious battery life, which is being able to send the notification.

The device has already crossed the pledged goal of $25,000 to reach to the whopping $106,730 by doing the pledging on kickstarter. It has the price of $15 with the expected delivery date of May 2017.



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