Turkey Student Visa 2017 How to Apply


This trend is growing in Pakistan that most of the students want to go to foreign countries to get higher education from the leading universities of the advanced countries. When the students complete their bachelor education, then they seek admission in the well-known universities to get education in medical, engineering, technology, commerce, management sciences and in the IT field. The standard of the universities located in Turkey is also high and the students need to get their education from the prominent universities of Turkey. They need to know the complete procedure of getting admission and carry on their education after getting student visa from the Embassy of Turkey.

Student Visa

Student Visa

How to apply:

  • First, the students need to apply for admission in the relevant college or university by submitting the application forms to the admission department of that university or college.
  • When the concerned university sends the acceptance letter to the students, the applicants need to apply for student visa for Turkey.
  • The students need to know the complete detail of the documents, which are necessary to attach with their application forms at the time of applying for students visa for Turkey.
  • The students need to attach the educational degree, which they receive of pass previously.
  • The language course, if it is required. The demand of language course depends on the nature of the course, in which the student is going to get admission and carry on their education.
  • Admission fee for the course according to the demand of the college or university
  • When the students get admission and enroll in the college or university, then they should make contact with the Turkish consulate located in their country so that they can get student visa. They can get the visa application forms from the consulate and they need to submit the application form for visa and show the original passport and original documents with 2 photocopies of each document.

How to Apply Student Visa for Turkey from Pakistan 2017 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Documents Required:

  • The students get the approval letter from the concerned college or university and they need to add it with the application forms and they need to submit other documents with their application forms meant for student visa at the time of apply for the study visa.
  • Students must have their own bank account in his/her name and have the foreign currency account for Euro or dollars etc. If any student has new bank account, then it will also be accepted.
  • The students must attach the medical certificate with the application forms, which they get from the government hospital.
  • Police clearance certificate is mandatory.
  • Sponsor letter
  • Admission letter issuing by the relevant college or university
  • Copy of passport showing its validity at least for 90 days
  • The students must attach the bank statement.
  • Two passport size photographs of the applicant
  • The students must attach the copy of return ticket after completing the education in Turkey.

Visa Fee and Processing Time:

The students have to charge for US$48 for the single entry visa and the processing time ranges from 4 to 8 weeks.

The students can get these complete details for applying for the study visa in Turkey

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