Upwork Updates New Policy for Free Connects


Upwork to Charge Freelancers to Bid on jobs

Upwork has updated the policies of free connects in order to provide the competitive environment for freelancers and better services to the buyers and the online marketplace for the freelancers. The Connects are virtual token for reference and they can be used to submit proposals on different job offers. Upwork Updates New Policy for Free Connects.

The new updates will become effective from May to June and users will have to pay $0.15 for each Connect and number of Connects will be between 1 to 6, which will be needed to apply for the job.

When any email is sent to the freelancers, Upwork will make the change to highlight ‘high-quality talent’ as some of the freelancers will place the bid after this update. Anyone could submit their proposals for jobs on the basis of the requirements of the clients. The latest change will promote professional freelancers and help them to get more jobs.

Upwork states that freelancers will spend $5 or less on average on Connects and Upwork informed freelancers that they can keep 140 unused Connects in their accounts with this update.

This news has created some worries for Pakistani freelancers and the professional freelancers are happy with it. It will impact how the freelancers work on such platforms.

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