US Bans Electronic Devices on Flights for Muslim Countries


The American president, Donald Trump and his administration seem not to let up the restrictions, which the Trump administration made on the Muslims countries no matter how many time, the US courts rules the orders of the government illegal.

The Trump administration put ban on the travel of five Muslim majority countries and now the government impose new ban on the countries along with three other countries, having Muslim majority in the Middle East and North Africa.

Ban on Bringing Electronic Devices over US-Bound Flights

According to the new orders of the Trump Administration, the passengers from the selected countries having Muslim majority will be prohibited to bring any electronic device bigger than the mobile phone in their flight. According to the newly issued orders, the passengers of these Muslim majority countries cannot bring laptops, iPads and cameras in their carry-on luggage and this ban will not affect any US carrier. It is said that 12 airlines will be affected by this newly issued law.

It is still a speculation since the full details of the ban and the policy framed under new rule is yet to be revealed today. People think that this rule will apply on the nonstop flights to US from about ten international airports, which are located in eight countries including Egypt, Jordon, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

A Sign of Things to Come?

The spokesperson of Homeland Security Department, David Lapan said that the reason to put ban is not clear yet and he refused to give his comments on this matter. The Transport Security Administration of the same department also refused to give the statement on this matter.

The Royal Jordanian Airlines clarified that the medical devices are excluded from this ban and they can carry on the plane with the people, when they travel to US. Everything would have to be packed in the luggage of the passenger and they would have been checked in.

Brian Jenkins is the aviation expert at Rand Co and he stated that due to way, the ban is being carried out and the restrictions seemed like US government is acting pre-emptive to stop an attack.  There is another aviation security expert, who said that there could be some negative side effects to put ban on the electronic devices. When the electronics are put into the checked in baggage, there could be huge disadvantage. Price, the professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver did not give comments on the particular matter.

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