USB Stick to Identify HIV in 30 Seconds


British scientists have prepared a USB like device that can identify the HIV virus in just 30 minutes. After putting one drop of blood over it, it is inserted in the USB port of computer tablet or other such device. After that, the software examines the blood for 30 minutes and then tells that whether the patient has HIV virus or not. Through this technology, HIV can be identified in the most accurate way.

This device is prepared by Imperial College London in collaboration with disease identification company DNA Electronics. According to experts, this device can be proved very effective for patients of poor and far flung areas. The good thing is that USB provides results in few minutes while traditional tests of HIV take many days.

The scientist working on this device told that traditional HIV tests are expensive and time consuming while they also require complicated system. But making this device is like compressing the whole laboratory in a USB stick.

Currently, HIV is cured through powerful antiretroviral medicines which minimize the virus in blood while regular blood test is necessary to diagnose it in order to keep an eye on the number and quantity of virus. If the medicine is not working and the virus is getting stronger then it is also identified through blood and then the other treatment has to be found. This new method is expected to help the patients and they can also know about quantity of virus in their blood easily.

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