Vespa Scooter Got An All-Electric Variant


The new coming scooter is just like the iconic scoter, Vespa, which was introduced in the market about 70 years ago. The Vespa manufacturing company is Piaggio and it has claimed that it has sold about 18 million Vespas till now. The company has also announced that it is going to release another model of Vespa, which will be electric only model.

Enter Vespa Elettrica

The new Vespa will be called Vespa Elettrica and it will resemble with the classic model. The clients will know about the two different scooters, the electric and classic, as there is a blue outline on the electric one

The Vespa scooter will retain its classic look from over seventy years and the company says that the prototype of electric Vespa will be displayed at Milan Bike show on the weekend.

Will Drive Similar As the Original

The Piaggio, the company did not reveal the detail and price or the specifications of the scooter. The Italian scooter manufacturing company said that it will be real Vespa and they added style, convenient use and driving pleasure, which will be same.

If the clients want to get the feel of riding of Vespa, the company adds the innovative connectivity solutions to Vespa Elettrica. The company did not reveal the connectivity solutions but we guess that it will likely be an option to connect the scooter with the smart phone.

Pricing estimate and Release Date

The new Vespa will be provided in the market in the second half of 2017. This scooter, classic Vespa has the retails of EUR 3500 (Rs.400,000) and EUR 5500 (Rs.625,000) in Italy. It can be assumed that the retail of Vespa Elettrica will be close to 5500 Eurp mark, which is probably higher than the classic one. It is due to the electric vehicles, or scooters are more expensive than the non electric vehicles. The company needs to keep the range and speed balance of electric Vespa, which can make it able to compete with electric scooters on the market.


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