Virus Showing Indecent Pictures in 60 Apps


California, The software experts have revealed over 60 such apps, which are installed and when they start work, they show the objectionable and indecent pictures and advertisements due to a virus (malware) present in them. All these programs were present on the Google app store and now they have been removed from there.

Most of the apps were made for the children and they have been downloaded million times till now. A malware hidden in the app has the title of ‘adult swine’, which not only show the porn pictures but also compel the people to buy these expensive programs for their security. But there are some of the fake programs.

play store virus in children's games


Google said that it has removed all such apps from its play store. The app of popular games like mine craft game had this virus. This secret virus also got noted in the app having the characters like Disney land. When these apps start working, then objectionable and fake services advertisements are appeared in pop up. On the other side, Google said in a statement that Google has not only removed all these apps but also suspended the accounts of the developers, who made them.

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