Watch Grant Elliotts unique victorious style Video


Social media is full of praise for the unique victorious style of Kiwi batsman Grant Elliott in PSL 2017. Similar to former US President Barack Obama, the batsman hit a winning six in the last over of the match and then drops his bat down.

In Lahore Qalandars v Islamabad United match in Sharjah, LQ required 6 runs to win in the last over but Aamir Yamin lost his wicket to M Sami on the first ball of the over after which only 1 wicket was left for LQ. At this dangerous situation, Elliott hit a winning six to Sami and drop his bat down to celebrate his victory.

Previously, US President Obama ended his last speech in congress and then dropped his mike down. Grant Elliott also made possible victory of New Zealand against South Africa in the semi final of ICC World Cup 2015 by hitting a six in the last over of the match.


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