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Pakistan Television Network has established Pakistan Television sports channel, which started working on January 14, 2012. This channel has been founded for the sports activities carrying out on national and international levels. This channel has broadcast various local and national events of different sports including cricket, hockey and football. The transmissions of this channel can be watched in different countries. This channel also broadcast various other sports related programs and shows including ‘Keh dain jo kehna hai’, sports circle and many others.

The sports program of Mirza Iqbal Baig, Keh dain jo kehna hai got the popularity among people. This channel was also alleged for the tape broadcasting of ESPN Star sports during the Big Bash League. During the broadcasting of the transmissions, they hid the logo of ESPN star channel and showed their own PTV sports logo. This was considered the illegal activity of the channel and against the norms of the broadcasting industry.

PTV Sports Satellite Frequency:

Satellite: Paksat 1R
Position: 38.0°E
Frequency: 4004 V

To watch PTV Sports Live Stream, you need to visit PTV Sports Channel live stream from Channel Website online.

We Congratulate PTV Sports for their high quality Programs.

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