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Jaag Broadcasting System Private Limited has launched this television channel, SAMAA TV during December 2007. This is the leading news channel of the country and it gives breaking news and regular news after every hour. The head office of this channel is in Karachi and this channel broadcast news and current affair program with no hidden agenda or political affiliation. This channel has produced various successful programs and current affair shows including SAMAA Metro, Crime Scene, Aap ki Baat, Faisla Apka, Tonight with Jasmeen, News Beat, Zer-e-Bahas, Interrogation, Hum Log, Awam ki Awaz, Wardaat, Tafteesh and many more. The people like the programs & shows and they are presented in the excellent studios.

The channel has the studios in almost all big cities of the country, which are equipped with latest and modern machinery and equipments. The well-educated and well informed team of journalists is also working with this television channel. The reporters present in all cities of the country report the incidents happened in that city and provide the people fresh and latest situation of the incident. The channel is well known for its righteous and sincere reporting.

Samaa TV Satellite Frequency:

Satellite: Intelsat 20
Position: 68.5°E
Frequency: 4117 H

Satellite: Eutelsat 28A
Position: 28.5°E
Frequency: 12607 V

To watch Samaa TV Live Stream, you need to visit Samaa TV Channel live stream from Channel Website online.

We Congratulate Samaa TV for their high quality Programs.

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