Watch Trailer of Transformers The Last Night


The new and smoky trailer of the movie, ‘Transformers The Last Night’ has been released. This is the fifth movie of the Transformer series of the Hollywood Blockbuster science fiction and action movie. The Hollywood leading director, Michael Bay has directed this movie, which is filled with science, fiction, action, adventure and fantasy. Michael Wahlburg will play the leading role in this movie like the previous part of this movie.

The story of the movie is moving around the evil forces, which are destroying everything in the human world through the gigantic robots and in the fifth part, there are different actors like Wahlburg, Stephen Merchant, Geoff Pinkins, Esabella Mooner, Jean Dojordon, Peter Julian and Jerode Carmy are performing the main roles in this movie.

Stephen Spielberg is the executive producer of the movie and this 3D science fiction action movie will be released on the American cinema houses on 23 June under Paramount Pictures.



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