Wealth of Richest Persons of the World


There are many billionaire, who have enough wealth that they can run their country for many days, if they are assigned the control of the government of their own country. The Bloom Berg conducted this survey and it is told that the richest persons of these countries can help their countries for many days.

According to this survey, the US billionaire, Geoff Bezous has 99 billions US dollars and he can run his country for 5 days alone.

Emancio Oretaga has enough wealth and he can run his country, Spain for 48 days without support of any other person.

Bernard Arnault of France has the capacity to support his country, France for 15 days.

If the government of Mexico may be handed over to Carlos Slim, then the people of his country do not bother for 82 days about the financial issues.

The billionaire, Jack Ma of China has enough money to support the biggest country of the world, China for 4 days.

India has the population of one billion and 25 crore and Mukesh Ambani can run India for 20 days alone.

If the financial control of Hong Kong is handed over to Li Kasheng, then he can support Hong Kong for consecutive 191 days with his wealth.

of Brazil is the richest person of his country, Brazil and he can support his country for 13 days through his enormous wealth.

Geovani Feraro and his family have the huge wealth and they can run their country, Italy for nine consecutive days.

Dieter Schwarz of Germany has enough wealth and he runs the affairs of Germany for give days from his own pocket.

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