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WhatsApp has brought the people close to each other and it has created the convenience and quickness for the people to maintain their contact, talk with them and share their happiness and sorrows with their family and friends. But most of the people do not know about his important and useful features so they do not use it proper and get most from WhatsApp.

Star on Message:

This feature is present in email for many years that you can put star on your important messages so that you can feel easiness to look for them. WhatsApp also provides this facility to put star on the important messages. The ‘star tab’ is present in the WhatsApp running on Apple iOS and the Android users press the menu button and they can get the facility to put star on the messages.

Who is Best Friend?

In the world of social media, the best friend is that who exchange his maximum views with you. If you want to know, who is your best friend on the WhatsApp, it is very easy for the iPhone. First go on the settings in WhatsApp and moving on the data and storage use and reach at the storage use. The data will be organized for the friends, remaining in contact with you on the basis of data exchange present in the list. The friends, who are up in this list, they are good friends on the WhatsApp. They can get more information of the data exchange by pressing finger on the contact name.

If you have installed the WhatsApp on the Android phone, then you can open the WhatsApp and move on settings, chat and after that reach at the chat history and finally reach at the section of email chat. The remaining stages are same like the stages in iPhone.

Do not store Images and Videos

People use WhatsApp to share the images and videos and sometimes it become dear to use this facility and the memory of the smart phone is started finishing soon. The users of Android phone are compelled to select and delete every unnecessary image and video. But the default settings of iPhone version of WhatsApp can be changed in this manner that it does not save the receiving images and videos. The users can ‘off’ feature of the setting, chat and after that ‘save incoming media’.

Stop Sound of Chat

WhatsApp remained connected with internet for about 40 hours and you can listen to the sound of WhatsApp messages, which can disturb you. This sound does not stop even mute your smart phone. If you are worried with the sound of this app, then launch the WhatsApp on your smart phone and press the name of contact or group for one second and the floating menu is appeared on the screen, in which the option of ‘mute’ to chat or exchange of expressions. You can use this option and mute any individual or group chat notification tone from 8 hours to one year.

Export Chat History

Some users like the talks, which they did with their friends many years before. Then want to get them safe for long time but the memory of the mobile phone does not allow much space to save them. They can solve this issue by ‘exporting’ the chat history. You can save the special chat as an email in your personal email account. The android users feel easy because they reach at any contact or group chat and they have to click on ‘more’ and ‘email chat’.  The copy of this chat will reach in the email account given by you and it will be saved there.

The iPhone users will have to do some more stages. They will have to look for thread / comment series, which they want to export. Then they will press ‘yes’ on any particular contact name included in thread and they will to have to bring the details of the contact and they will have to reach the lowest part of this page after scrolling it and they will find ‘export chat’ option. After selecting the thread or chat, they thread or chat will export on the email address, given by you.

It is to be cleared that that chat can be exported with or without media through this option.

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