WhatsApp Warning Not Click Every Picture


Silicon Valley, If you receive any picture message on your WhatsApp from any unknown number, then you do not click on the picture present in this message, otherwise any unknown hacker can occupy on your WhatsApp account. If you click on any picture, then the unknown hacker can get your password, all details of WhatsApp account, sending and receiving messages, posted pictures and the video and all information regarding your relatives. He will use all these information as and when he wants to use them for the wrong purposes.

The Cyber Security Firm, “Check Point Software technologies’ warned that find the solution of the encryption technology, which is designed for the uses of Messaging Apps ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Telegram’ to give them security. Now it becomes difficult for the American CIA to find its solution. Hackers send such a message to the user before hacking his account, which is present in beautiful and attractive picture but a secret code is hidden in it, when they click on the picture, then it become activate and it sends all f the information of the relevant WhatsApp / Telegram account to the hacker immediately.

People, who use WhatsApp or Telegram on desktop computer / laptop, they may face this danger of hacking more than other people. The Android smart phone or Apple iPhone users have less danger of the hackers. It is not known that how many WhatsApp or Telegram users have been affected by the attacks of the hackers but Check Point says that millions of accounts can face this danger.

It is to be clear that the technique of hiding the software code in the image comes under ‘Stegnography’ in which the secret information and instructions are kept hidden in the apparently harmless message (for example text message, picture or video etc).

The latest activity of the hackers is intimated to the administration of WhatsApp and Telegram but both the department could not remove this defect from their apps. They also failed to make their system able to recognize the dangerous code hidden in these pictures but they continued their working on this topic. When the security patch will be issued, both the departments will confess to take action against these hackers.

It is better for the users not to click on the pictures, which is sent by any unknown number on their WhatsApp message.



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