World Biggest X Ray Laser Inaugurated


Hamburg, The biggest X-Ray laser laboratory of the world has been inaugurated, which can make the images of the structures present on atomic surface and the processor, which is done as a result. This laser is installed in Hamburg, German city and it is given the name of DESY and after switching it on, it is declared a new period of scientific research and development in the Europe.

According to the operators, the first ray was existed for one minute and till September this year, this x ray machine will become able to emit the rays 27,000 times in one second and the laboratory will also be opened. The DESY laboratory is the part of the European XFEL project and under this, the molecular shapes and the chemical reaction can be watched at the same time. The experts of Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland and these countries also co-operated in this project.

Through the use of X-Ray, such parts of the research work can have the access, which were not possible before this. The experts can get the three dimensional image of atomic details of virus, the molecular structure of the cells and nano things. They can also make the film of different chemical reactions.

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