Worlds Biggest Music Streaming Service YouTube


Internet has brought many changes in the human life and it has also changed the music industry. With the arrival of music streaming services, it has changed the need of storing the music on their phones and the task, which could give the valuable storage space. There are lot of services, which can stream the music for free or it will be provided for the low fee.

YouTube is the biggest internet video streaming hub and it holds the biggest music streaming service. A Czech information technology company offers the social media analysts that little less than the billion people use YouTube to listen the music. There are 82% YouTube users, who use this service to listen to the music and it has made the YouTube a big online music streaming service for the users.

There is another online music service provider, SoundCloud, which has only 175 million users around the world. The remaining number of people enjoy with the music by listening to the music from other online music service providers like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora. The usage statistics of SoundCloud have not been disclosed since December 2014.

YouTube started providing music services in 2006 as the biggest acquisition of Google and now it turned out to be one of the best ones. Now this service is touching to the new heights and it stands as the most crucial enterprise of Google, which has enabled the monetization for users in Pakistan and it allows the content creators in Pakistan to earn money through sharing of videos and upload these videos on the YouTube.


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