Xiaomi Launch in Pakistan Very Soon


Xiaomi is another quickly arising mobile phone manufacturing company and it has gotten the approvals from Pakistan telecommunication authority, which are necessary for the company to start its mobile phone business. PTA granted the approvals to the company after complying with the requirements of the regulator. Now the department concerned has granted the approval to Xiaomi to sell its smart phones in Pakistan.

Initially there are two handsets, like Xiaomi Max and Xiaomi Mi 5, which got the approval from PTA to be launched in Pakistan. The company will also get the approval for the releasing of two other smart phones, Xiaomi Note 3 and Xiaomi Note 4 within few days.

It is also confirmed by the representative of PTA that that authority concerned has granted the required NOC to Xiaomi to operate and sell its handsets in Pakistan and after complying with all requirements of the government, the company is allowed to start its business in the IT field. The company, Xiaomi has also passed the NTISB security test. The company has also made all necessary arrangements with the distribution partners to provide the handsets in the market across Pakistan.

An announcement for official launch can be expected with-in days, if not weeks.

When Xiaomi will launch its handsets in the market, then it becomes necessary that the company will also provide the accessories of their handsets in the market with the complete range of Xiaomi Eco products, like car charger, power banks, MI band 2 and MI VR across Pakistan.

At this time, we do have complete list of the handsets and its accessories, which will be launched in the market and these products are sold at the competitive prices with the provision of official warranty in Pakistan. It is also said that the selling prices of the handsets of Xiaomi phones and their accessories will be close to the prices which they get in the Chinese market.

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