Yamaha Launches YB125Z Motorbike in Pakistan


The people of Pakistan accepted the YBR series of the motor cycle and now Yamaha Motors have decided to launch another model to reveal in Pakistani market after two years, which is Yamaha YB125Z. This motor bike is unveiled during an event, which is held in Lahore.

With the introduction of new YB125Z, Yamaha has the hopes that it will attract the Pakistani users and it will challenge the dominance of Chinese bike makers and it will complete the Japanese brands like Honda, which is also present in the local market.

Mr. Shigeru Ishikawa, the Managing Director of Yamaha Motors Pakistan spoke on the occasion and highlighted the features of YB125Z. He also emphasized that Yamaha Pakistan has the aim of 100,000 units sale in coming few years and YB125Z will be an important part to get the achievements. He further added that Pakistan is the 5th biggest motorcycle market in the world and Yamaha Motors Pakistan provides the motor cycle in this local market to meet the needs of the local customers and it has over 200 sales outlets and 500 after sales shops.

Yamaha With a Fresh Start

The latest model of the motorcycle, Yamaha bike is added with longer and wider seats and it is designed for less vibrations and the engine balancer. The meter of the motorcycle contains gear count and it can be seen as the unnecessary shenanigan and it will be helpful for new motorcyclists.

The new model of the motorcycle, YB125Z has the features of self start mechanism and it has the powerful headlight halogen lamp. The representative of Yamaha said that the new models of the motorcycle are available in the local market from mid April and it will cost for PKR 115,900 in Pakistan.

Black and Red is Back

Here are some of the pictures of the Yamaha YB125Z:



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