YouTube biggest e-sports bet with FACEIT streaming deal


Competitive gaming is a profitable business where players compete for virtual games in tournaments for prize money and now YouTube is trying to take maximum advantage for e-sports.

Up till now, the biggest business investment has been signed by famous video site with e-sports platform FACEIT after which the Esports Championship Service (ECS) will be shown live streaming on YouTube.

Millions of online spectators view this live event due to which 3-sports is expected to get lot of advertisement. Everyone from big videogame publishers to traditional media companies are trying to get as bigger share as possible from this business.

Last year, ECS was launched by famous e-sports platform FACEIT after its collaboration with In the same year, the first two seasons of league was presented by the gaming website.

Co founder of FACEIT, Michele Attisani, told that it is the perfect time to collaborate with YouTube as the video service is investing more on live streaming.

On social platform, live video is becoming a highly competitive element. According to FACEIT, 25th March is the starting date for third season of ECS and it will be available live and exclusively on YouTube.

YouTube’s head of global gaming, Ryan Wyatt, said in an interview that this is their biggest investment for e-gaming so far. But no one told about the financial details.

According to a research firm, the expected profit in 2017 is 696$ which is 41% percent as compared to previous one. In 2015, there were over 200 million global audiences for e-sports and they are expected to reach 385 million in 2017.

ECS players can increase their audiences on their YouTube channel with support from YouTube. Sponsorship packages will also be offered to advertisers on YouTube by the league while total numbers of its users are 1 billion.

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