YouTube Offers New Way to Earn Money with Super Chat


Most of the people want to use YouTube for different purposes. Most of the time, they want to download or listen to the songs on this site. Now it has offered the live streamers to use YouTube so that they do the live chat with it and get the comments. They can also use to share their own videos on this site. If the viewers are watching the live stream on YouTube, they can use it for the Super Chat to share their message in the stream.



Enter Super Chat

The views can enter in the super chat by pinning their message inside the chat the streamers and other can watch it at any time. The message, which is pinned there to 5 hours, and it is also pinned at the top of chat box. This will work for the web version and on the Android app. iOS will get the super chat support very soon and they will need to pay something so that they can get Super Chat. It will also allow the fans to get noticed and they can get cash in on it. The amount is divided between the streamer and YouTube but is not specified how it will be divided.

The streamers can stand out of the Super chats from other messages in two different ways:

  • Your Super Chat is highlighted with the color
  • The super chat remained pinned in ticket for set period of time.

How to Super Chat

It is easy to send the super chat and they need to tap $ icon on right side of chat bar. They can select the amount, which they want to pay for their super chat with duration and the length of message specified.

The color of chat, the maximum length of message, and period of time to stay pinned in ticket are determined by the amount of purchase. About $5.00 super chat are used to stay pinned for 1 minute and it will allow 150 letters for message.

You Tube

You Tube

Similar to Switch Cheers

Twitch is same like ‘Cheer’ feature and they type Cheer to enter the amount of Bits, which they like to cheer for. The bits are considered as money and it goes to Twitch and the streamers. You can understand that one Bit is equal to 1.4 cents and the streamers can get 1 cent for every bit and Twitch can get other 0.4.

The Cheers have the corresponding animated GIFs and GIF is different for 1 bit and for 100 and for 1000, 5000 and 10,000 bits. The bits help the fans to get noticed by the streamer like Super Chat. Now the Super Chat is limited to few select YouTube streamers and it will be rolled out on 31 January for the creators in 20 countries and viewers are in 40 countries.


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