Youtube to Launch Video Streaming Service In 2017


In 2017, world’s biggest video streaming service ‘Youtube’ will show TV channels also. Google company was working on this plan since past few years but now they have decided to complete this work till 2017. According to this plan by Google, Youtube will now enter the world of TV cable also but there will be no cable in the service and TV channels will stream via internet. The name of this new service is “unplugged”.

The customers will get packages on various prices in “unplugged” and they can also take package by selecting channels of their choice. Subscription of most of the channels will be cheap in order to bring more customers to this service. Google has started meeting with large cable companies but initially the service will be available only in USA.

On the other hand, Apple company also wished to bring a service like this for Apple TV but later it postponed this plan. Nowadays, TV viewers give preference to better quality of video and it is expected that customers will like this new service by Youtube.

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