Zong Circle offers Pakistani Youth a chance to win BIG


Zong is offering a consumer promotion drive under its Youth Brand Circle titled ‘Circle sey Jeeto – Aik Baat Phir’, with an effort to reward its customers for their loyalty.

Along with many other exciting prizes including stylish Heavy bikes like Honda CBR 500 and Honda CBR 150, Zong users can win Pakistan’s first Hybrid Sports Car, the 1500 CC Honda CRZ with this promotion.

This promotion is only for Circle pre-paid subscribers who’ve activated their Circle Club Promotion and is effective from 12th Feb 2014 till 15th March 2014.

Dy. Director Marketing Zong Mr. Amees Ahmed said that this latest promotional offer is important to ensure your customers have an amazing experience of service and also to tell them they’ll be rewarded for their loyalty constantly. They decided the time was right to reward their customer even more and appreciate them after the recent success of their Circle Heavy Bike campaign.

Zhao Peng, CCO Zong also added that they’re the fastest growing network in Pakistan at the moment and their subscriber base has crossed the 24 Million mark. For their support to us, we want to express our gratitude towards our customers through this promotion.

It is not the first time that the company has decided to reward its youth customer base by the ‘Circle sey Jeeto – Aik Baat Phir’ as it follows Circle Heavy Bike Campaign, which concluded recently.

For the youth of the nation, Circle is designed especially and includes a fast internet connection, very affordable rates, unlimited SMS and virtually free calls.

List of Prizes:

  • Honda CRZ Sports Car
  • Honda CBR 500 Heavy Bikes
  • Honda CBR 150 Heavy Bikes
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • DSLR Camera Nikon
  • Clothing Vouchers worth Rs. 25,000 each

How to Win

  • If you’re an existing Zong Customer, buy a Circle SIM or dial *456#.
  • Subscribe to Circle Club to enjoy Unlimited Free SMS (club member to club member) and get Amazing rates of Rs 0.9/hr + tax (club member to club member).
  • To be eligible for the ‘Lucky Draw’, use balance of Rs. 300+ tax till 15th March 2014.
  • By just dialing *221# for free, you can check your usage.

Check Used Balance

Increase your chances to win

More balance means more chances for you to win.

  • Become eligible for lucky draw (single entry) after using Rs. 300+tax
  • Become eligible for lucky draw (two entries) after using Rs. 500+tax
  • Become eligible for lucky draw (three entries) after using Rs. 550+tax
  • Till Rs. 1000+tax, every Rs. 50+tax consumption from Rs. 550 and beyond will allow an additional entry into the lucky draw to the customer.
    Zong Circle offers Pakistani

    Zong Circle offers Pakistani


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