Zong Starts Double Volume Bundles for Internet Only SIMs


Zong has announced the revised bundles for the stunning offer of Internet Only SIMs and these are considered the data SIMs. These data SIMs will be offered to the clients without the calling or any other functionality and they can be used for data services.  This SIM is provided to its clients to support on the internet devices like mobile phones, SIM enabled laptops and tablets, Wingle and Mifi. The range of the bundle will be from 4 GB to 100 GB and the monthly charges for these SIMs will be fixed.

Speaking about the new fastest 4G enabled Data SIM, the Chief Commercial Officer of Zong, Babar Bajwa said that the subscribers can get the benefit from the 4G internet SIM in over 250 cities of Pakistan. Now the subscribers of Zong can have an ideal opportunity to make best use of internet services to the SIMs, which are powered by 4G and they can use the fastest 4G internet SIM.

Now the subscribers of Zong can available this ideal opportunity to use the internet services, which is powered by 4G and the fastest 4G interest SIM is used. This mobile phone network is offered with high powered 3 G and 4G services can disappoint the loyal consumers. The mobile phone company has proved with the launch with the fastest internet SIM in the telecom history of Pakistan. Now Zong is added with the modernized features and the faster 4G internet SIM can be used with the security system, which is used commercially and privately to enhance the protection.

Internet Only SIM Bundle Details

The Internet Only SIM subscribers can avail these best available bundles:

  • All prices are inclusive of tax
  • Double the volume offer is valid till 29th Feb 2016
  • Good Night Offer (GNO) can only be availed if user is subscribed to any of the above bundle. It cannot be subscribed as customer isn’t using any of the bundle.
  • GNO’s resources are 1GB per night for every night.
  • GNO resources can be availed from 1am to 9am.  During this mentioned time, customer’s original bundle is not utilized.
  • After 1GB resources is exhausted within the night, then the original bundles’ resources will be utilized.
  • GNO’s validity will be the same as the remaining days of the original bundle.

How to Subscribe Internet SIM Bundles

  • Customers can dial *6666# to subscribe to Internet SIM Bundles and GNO addon.

These bundles can also be subscribed by visiting CSC, Franchise or Retailer

Zong 4G

Zong 4G


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