Zong to Test 5G with First Group of Global Operators


According to sources, IMT Advanced Group will test 5G technology for consumers in 2020 at the time of its launch and now Zong wants to be a part of this global group of early operators and vendors.

There is no confirmation from Zong in this matter but we can confirm that Zong is trying to shake hands with the group trying to start 5G services for customers.

According to reports, PTA allowed the telecom companies to use 3G services on trial basis before it was awarded to them in 2014 and now Zong has requested PTA to allow them to use 5G services for trial basis similar to the previous permission.

Anusha Rehman, Federal minister for IT, said that her ministry is trying to take Pakistan among countries where 5G technology will be tested before anyone but she didn’t mentioned Zong.

The reports also say that International Telecommunication Union (ITU) secretary general Houlin Zhao was also told about the interest of Zong for trial run of 5G technology. Mr. Zhou is in Pakistan these days and he knew about the interest of Zong during his visit to Zong’s HQ. it should be remembered that 5G lab tests are in progress.

According to initial tests, the 5G technology can bring the speed of many hundred MBs.

In Pakistan, Zong was the first operator to get 4G technology and it could also be the first one with 5G technology if things move ahead smoothly.

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