02 Best Sponsorship Letter Sample and Format [Proposal]


Sponsership Latter

Sponsership Latter

Sponsorship Letter:

The sponsorship letter is the personalized letter that is forwarded by the team or event organizer to people or businesses, which are usually request the money or some other goods or services to get some form of promotion for the said companies.

Sponsorship Letter Sample 01:

Respected Sir/Madam,

I write this sponsorship letter to inform you that I have been selected for the internship program ‘Explore Egypt Traveling to 19 cities’ in Cairo, Egypt. The selection of the candidates has been done by AIESEC selection committee after the strict selection process.

Exploring Egypt will be the life changing experience for me and after completing the internship successfully, I would be one of the very few people from the impoverished and rural family of Pakistan, who will know the modern techniques and methodologies of the tourism. This internship program will help me to address, replace and implement youth, peace and economic growth of the country.

The idea of internship is very essential to Pakistan as our country has been worst and affected by the terrorism in South Asia. I belong to Peshawar, which is the capital of KPK province and I am feeling very excited to experience and become part of the diversity of ideas. The advantage of tourism to our country with the oldest civilization of the world is that there are many sacred religious places, spreading in the length and width of our country. We need to make our country attractive place for the people of other countries and religion. When we consider the international arena of mountain tourism, Pakistan looks the important and most attractive destination from the trekking and mountain climbing point of view.

Pakistan is considered as the magnet for trekkers and mountain climbers, who come to Pakistan from all over the world and they find the great adventure zones with the high mountains, which are located in north of the country. You will also find the four of the largest ranges of the world meet here. During the project of exploration of Egypt, I like to initiate and tell them about the beauty and hill stations in KPK. It will help me in the economic growth of the country and it would be good step for the improvement in the tourism department in KPK.

Pakistan has all these potentials and it could play an important role in tourism industry and we could contribute and play the major role in the economy of our country. KPK province has been infiltrated worst by the fundamentalist ideological currents, which are propagated by Taliban and other outfits. I have been grown up in repressive social setting, I look forward to assimilate the progressive, modern and liberal ideas to explore Egypt Project.

I belong to the impoverished family and I cannot afford the travel expenses and I do not have the financial assistant to support this conference. I need only 500 US dollars to support this project. Kindly if you help or support me or you can subsidize the ticket, I will be really grateful for you.

As the reciprocity, I can offer my service to promote the tourism in KPK and I can help in:

  • By becoming the ambassador of ‘AIESEC’ Egypt during project in order to promote the natural deserts and valleys in KPK
  • Blogging about the promotion of tourism during exploring Egypt project
  • Coordination with the government at all levels.
  • Participating in national level tourism exhibitions
  • Introduction of local festivals on regular basis in order to encourage the gatherings for short periods
  • The awareness campaigns to be started with media along with well designed publications and pamphlets
  • The printing, publishing and distribution of fee tourist literature, maps, posters at the airports
  • Production of documentaries and computing unexplored area and share the pictures on social media and productions of CDs and DVDs etc
  • Any work for High Commission of Egypt. 

I hope that I will receive some sympathetic considerations and I will get good news of scholarship from you. I really want to be part of this prestigious program.

I have attached my resume below and the invitation letter as the reference.

I will be really thankful to you.

Sponsorship letter sample 02

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