10 Evergreen Songs by Junaid Jamshed


The former leading and popular singer, Junaid Jamshed and his wife were on board on the unfortunate plane, which was crashed near Abbottabad on Wednesday. All the passengers along with Junaid Jamshed passed away in this accident. One of two turboprop engines was failed during its flight from Chitral to Islamabad and the air plane was crashed on the hillside and it burst into flames soon after colliding against the mountain.

Junaid was born on 3 September 1964 and he stepped into the music in 1980 after the formation of his first music band, Vital Signs. This band sang many songs and most of the songs reached to the top of the music chart and this band got the tremendous success on the commercial field. In the late 90’s, the band members got separated their ways and Junaid started solo songs. He got tremendous popularity due to his timeless song, Dil Dil Pakistan and here are some of his classic works on various songs and it was constituted the golden era of the music industry of Pakistan.

1.      Dil Dil Pakistan

This wonderful song was released in 1987 and this song got tremendous popularity as the unofficial national anthem.


2.      Ye Shaam

This song was released in 1983 and it captivated the people for many decades.

3.      Sanwali Saloni

This song of Junaid Jamshed was among the trailblazer, which changed the concept of the beauty, which our country and culture has. It created the song celebration and the beauty of sanwali women.

4.      Aitbaar

This song, Aitbaar was released in 1993 and various other singers changed it and they used it for many times.

5.      Us Rah Par

This song, Us Rah Par was released in 1999 and it attracted the attention of the audience for long time.

6.      Woh Kaun Thi

The beautiful song, Who Koun Thi was the wonderful song and it can let you dance the jazzy tunes.

7.      Tumhara Aur Mera Naam

The most popular track of Junaid is ‘Tumhara Aur Mera Naam’ and it was released in 1998. This song is considered the most romantic song till this date.

8.      Tum Mil Gaye

The song, Tum Mil Gaye is the most hilarious and romantic song.

9.      Aisay Hum Jiye

Junaid sang this song and paid the rich tribute to the armed forces with this most popular song, Aisay Hum Jiye.

10.    Aankhon ko Aankhon Ney

The most enthralling song, Ankhon Ko Ankhon Ney is one of the track and it has been on the play list and this song got tremendous popularity among the audience.

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