10 Most Expensive Cities in Pakistan


Recently, State Bank of Pakistan issued its Inflation Monitor report for June 2016 to show an interesting data. According to details, the most expensive city of Pakistan is Abbottabad.

According to this data of 40 cities, inflation rates on different commodities are used to rank the city. During the past month, Abbottabad saw the highest year-on-year inflation rate of 8.8% in general category. It include 11.8% inflation on non-food items and 4.4% increase in food items.


Few other cities also record high inflation rate as Turbat remained at 2nd position with 6.6^ inflation rate. The other cities with high inflation rate include Faisalabad with 5.5%, Jhang with 5.4% and Karachi with 4.7%.

A small city in Sindh, Dadu, remained the cheapest city of country during this time with no inflation at all. In June, its inflation on non-food items was 0.9% and on food items remained -1.4%. the other cheap Pakistani cities include Hyderabad with 0.1%, Lahore with 0.8%, DI Khan with 1.9% and Peshawar with 1.2%.


Among the Federal and provincial capitals, Lahore remained the cheapest with -1.4% inflation on food items and 2.7% on non food items. Karachi remained the most expensive among these with inflation on food and non-food items of 3.2% and 5.7% respectively. Inflation in other main cities remain lower than average inflation.

In June 2016, the overall inflation remained 3.2% but it is predicted that the average inflation during next fiscal year will remain 4.5-5.5%. This prediction is based on expected fiscal slippages and oil prices.

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