180 Million Pakistanis to Re-verify Their CNICs


Now the Pakistani Govt. is trying to re verify every citizen of Pakistan which could mean that all the 180 million citizens of Pakistan will be provided new CNICs.
Media reports say that Federal Interior Minister CH Nisar has directed NADRA to prepare a roadmap of this project of re-verification of CNICs of the citizens within two days.
Main purpose of this re-verification is to eliminate all the fake and illegal CNICs and only real citizens of Pakistan should be provided with Pakistani passports and CNICs. So far, there is no information about the procedure of NADRA to re-verify these CNICs.
It is also important to note that CNIC cards are held by 110 million Pakistanis while others only have national ID number due to less age or other issues.


Each and every Pakistani will have to re-verify his/her CNIC

The action has been taken after the incident in which Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Akhter Mansour was reportedly killed by a US drone attack while he had the CNIC of Muhammad Wali.

The minister was not happy on this issue that an Afghan citizen was issued a Pakistani CNIC and passport which would bring suspicion in the minds of people of whole world.

Ch Nisar also told that the process would be done very friendly manner and normal citizens should not feel pressure during the procedure.

Several incidents have happened in the past that foreign nationals carrying Pakistani CNIC and passport but such a high profile case is seen for the first time which exposes NADRA in the whole world and it also humiliates Pakistan in outside world.

Prior to that, Pakistan has used biometric verification to verify every mobile phone user already and now only a person having CNIC can use SIM operated in Pakistan. It shows verification of 180 million citizens is possible.

But in order to ensure flawless process, strict measures have to taken as it is a very difficult and lengthy process of re verification.

We are expecting further details about this issue in the coming days.

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