2017 Popular Smart Phones


During the year of 2017, various new smart phones have been introduced and they brought the revolution in the technology. These smart phones were equipped with the latest technology. The users of the smart phones are in billion all over the world. The smart phones are included in our daily life and we cannot avoid their necessity. The number of mobile phones users is increasing day by day and the sale of smart phone has become the most profitable business across the world. The owners of the smart phone companies are working day and night to make their business profitable. Apple and Samsung are considered the kings of the smart phone world, which are busy in making the smart phones better than before. If you view the year 2017, the smart phones of Samsung and Apple and of other companies got popularity among the people due to their features and quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 remained under strict criticism after bursting of the battery of the handset in 2016 and the users showed their un-satisfaction on Samsung. The reputation of the company was also questioned. Now the mobile phone manufacturing company, Samsung has released its latest and modern smart phone, Galaxy Note 8 in the market in September this year and this company has gained its place in the mobile phone market. The newly released smart phone, Galaxy Note 8 has the screen of 6.3 inch and the company took great care not to include any technical mistake in the smart phone. There are various other features, which are included in this smart phone in which two cameras having 28 optical zoom were also there and people liked them. Its big screen is good to open two windows on it at the same time.

Apple iPhone X

On the second number in the list of most popular smart phones of 2017 is Apple iPhone X, which is also said iPhone 10. It gained so much popularity among the users and this is the first smart phone of Apple, which has the screen of 5.8 inch. The company has introduced the facial recognition and the users can lock and unlock this smart phone through their faces. The users liked this feature in the smart phone very much.

Google Pixel 2

Android Orio 8.0 extra large smart phone, Google Pixel 2 was also launched in the mobile phone market this year with its camera and this handset remained at the top ranking position.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei is not the new name in the world of smart phones. The new flagship smart phone of Huawei is added with Kirin 970 Processor, in which the first integrated neural processing unit (NPU) of the world is also included in it and it makes the smart phone use easy. This smart phone is introduced in the market with the collaboration of Huawei and German company, Leesa.  This company is well known for manufacturing of high resolution cameras. Now the 20 and 12 MP cameras are added in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which is very popular among the users.

One Plus 5T

One plus 5T smart phone was released in 2017 and this is the big smart phone than One Plus 5 and it is the advanced version. The advanced technology is introduced in this smart phone than the previous smart phone. Due to this smart phone Apple, Samsung and Huawei faced the critical situation in the market. The smart phone, One Plus 5T has the 6 inch screen and it has the tremendous feature and setting of the automatic light. The camera of this smart phone sets the automatic light according to the surrounding environment. This smart phone has the memory of 8 GB and it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. One of its features got the tremendous popularity among its users, which was its unlocking system, which is locked and unlocked through the fingerprint and face ID.

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