4th 4G Spectrum License Sold in $29.5 Crore


The 4th 4G spectrum license has been sold for $29.5 crores in Pakistan and there will be millions of the users, who will get the 4G service of mobile phones in Pakistan. The agreement for the issue of license was carried out between the telecom officials and the private mobile phone company in the presence of the finance minister, Ishaq Dar and Minister of State for Telecom, Anusha Rehman.

With the auction of 4G license, the national treasure got the $29.5 crores non tax income. The private company has paid the entire amount of the auction of the 4G spectrum license and it will start the 4G service from July. With the issuance of the 4G license, the millions of the users of the private mobile phone company will get the benefit and they will use the fastest internet service.

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