92 News: Pakistan’s First HD TV Channel


In times when entertainment channels are expected to achieve high definition quality, there is no reason why news channels should lag behind. After all, they are undoubtedly one of the most viewed form of media in Pakistan. 92 News channel has gladly set the foundation for this new revolution in electronic media with the first HD news channel in Pakistan.

In times while entertainment channels are awaited to gain high definition quality, there is no cause that why news channels should delay behind. Finally there is certainly one of the most watched forms of media in the country. 92 News channel has cheerfully put the foundation for this latest revolution formula to electric media. The purpose is to set up latest ground along with present affairs, news and documentary in HD.

92 News HD

92 News HD

92 NEWS HD new Pakistani News Channel:

92 News is the country’s first HD channel includes skilful team of experts. Most of these experts are mentioned to have begun out on their own with a bit help however they are currently adept in their field of expertise. This first HD channel welcomes all enthusiastic individuals to join in and provide more modern ideas to the effective workforce.

Furthermore, 92 News have the benefit of access to some of the most improved means of telecasting courtesy of DSNGs along with over 300 communications from all over the country. The alliance of state of the art technology in their reporting practice adds much to the talent. It has previously managed to invite some the popular news anchors, actors and analysts from the best news channels in the country. Therefore, it would not be astonishing to see more potentials moving in to the near future.

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