A man earning $75,000 per annum with samosas after leaving job at Google


Munaf Kapadia was a former employ in Google till 2014 when he quit his job and decided to work in his mother’s kitchen. Now, the former employ of tech giant is earning more than $75,000.

The ‘Bohri kitchen’ was started by Kapadia in 2014 and the business has flourished so much in just two years that it now becomes a major brand. Initially, it was only required to serve 20 guests in a day but now it has expanded to 30 deliveries each day and also several high profile parties in and around Mumbai.

According to food writer and TV host Kunal Vijayakar, Munaf became one of the first chefs to make it on such large scale but making a brand from his mother’s kitchen is his biggest achievement. Now Kapadia is dreaming high and wants to reach the annual income of $450,000 next year through his delivery business also.

The young businessman will soon start a second kitchen that will be closer to his home that will make it easier for his mother Nafisa to create variety in the menu due to more control. In future, he is also aiming to expand his business to other cities.

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