A New Version Of Whatsapp Has Been Launched For The BusinessmanS


Karachi: Application being used for sending messages Whatsapp has launched a new version by keeping an eye on the requirements of the businessman.

The new version being launched by the whatsapp is named whatsapp business and 6 new features has been added to this related to business. Whatsapp business is still on beta mode and the beta testers of this app can only download it from the google play and if you aren”t a beta tester so don”t need to worry because the “APK” file of this app is also available.

Here we are going to tell you that what”s whatsapp business and how and why it is different from the original version of whatsapp.

If you are a whatsapp user then you might know that you can only add mobile numbers to your whatsapp account but in whatsapp business you can also add landline numbers in your account.

Whatsapp business also got the functionality of being automatic, that means if you want to text back but couldn”t because of shortage of time for the reason there is an option available through which your message automatically will reach to the message sender whereas you can also schedule your messages according to the upcoming hours or days.

In the original version of whatsapp you were unable to see the number of messages you have sent or received but in whatsapp business this feature is also included.

Before using whatsapp business you have to select business category in the app, but if the categories written there are not the same as your business then you can use the option others to register the kind of your business.

Whatsapp account will approve your business with a green sign the numbers you have got in your mobile  whoever number got the green sign infront of it that means that person also have a whatsapp business account.

The logo of the whatsapp business is different from the old version and instead of the phone sign in middle “B” is written.




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