Action taken on just 250 out of total 2200 Cyber Crime Complaints


Last year, the cyber crime wing of FIA received 2200 applications as a whole out of which action was taken only on 250 complaints while files of others were closed.

According to sources, 25% more applications were received on Friday as compared to 2015 out of which investigation was completed on only 35% of them. On the complaints received last year, 60 people of 6 groups held responsible were taken under custody. These people were blackmailing women and girls on social media.

But FIA cyber crime wing hasn’t taken any action on hundreds of applications. The sources told that investigation is not completed for those cases whose complainers are weak and they leave the cases due to dejection. These cases are ‘money making’ opportunities for the investigation officers of cyber crime wing.

A senior FIA officer told that the basic difference between police and FIA is that police investigates after registration of FIR while FIA investigates after receiving a complaint against someone in which 3 summons are sent to the accused so that they can present their opinion. If they prove true then FIR is not registered against him/ them. It is the main reason that number of cases registered is less than complaints.


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