Action Thriller Movie ‘London Has Fallen’ Trailer Releases


London, The first trailer of new action thriller movie, ‘London Has Fallen’ of the Oscar Award winner actor, Morgan Freeman and Scottish actor Gerard Butler has been released. Babek Najafi is the director of the movie ant his movie got the tremendous success in 2013. In the cast of the movie, Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart and other actors are included in this movie, who performed various roles. In other cast of the movie, Charlotte Riley, Melissa Leo, Jackie Earle Haley, Robert Foster and Patrick Candy are also included in the cast of the movie.

Mark Gill, Les Weldon, Danny Lerner are included in the production of the movie. The movie of the story is moving around the suspicious murder of the British prime minister. After that, the agents and the secret service get know about the dangerous plan to kill the world leading leaders, who attended the funeral ceremony of the prime minister. This movie is moving around the specially trained agent and his intelligence and bravery ad it will be released under Fox features. This movie will be released on the cinema houses on 6 March next year.

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