Afridi Surrounding in Women Became Shy


The star cricketer, Shahid Khan Afridi is retired from the cricket but he remains in the news due to his various social activities. Sana Bucha invited him in the sehri, in which various other celebrities of the showbiz like Saba Qamar and various other personalities were also attended.

A picture was taken at this time and it was also shared on the social media, which is getting popular among the fans quickly. In this picture, he was standing among the women and he was looking shy like ‘Touch me not’. Shahid Afridi tweeted on the social media website that Sana Bucha sister, thanks for inviting me in the wonderful sehri last night and it felt good after meeting with big faces of the showbiz industry.
Sana Bucha tweeted in the message of Shahid Afridi that although we do not share blood relation yet no one can become better than the person, who not only ask you your sister but also treat you in the same way. Various interesting dialogues are being shared on the social media. Some people praising the smile of Lala and some people declared his shy movements.

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