Al-Haj Hyundai Launches Two Heavy Duty Vehicles in Pakistan


Al-Haj Group has made the partnership with Hyundai Company to launch the two heavy duty vehicles, heavy duty truck and luxury bus and the light duty trucks in the Pakistani market. They have made the new subsidiary by the name of Al-Haj Hyundai (private) Limited. Both the companies have completed their legal formalities for their joint venture and it is settled that the green field project will be start on a area of 30 acres of land, which they have already acquired outside the port city of Karachi on main National Highway.

The company will launch two vehicles on 19 May 2017 at the exclusive event being conducted in Karachi.

  • XCIENT – Heavy duty truck
  • UNIVERSE – Luxury buses

The luxury buses will be used within the city and this category of buses will be given the name of Hyundai Universe. The vehicle, Hyundai XCIENT is another vehicle, which is launched and the commercial consumers are looking for the launch of these vehicles. They are concerned with the category of heavy commercial trucks and the category of light duty trucks have been introduced by this partnership.

The Al-Haj group is well known for the manufacturing of the automobiles and it is the diversified group of subsidiaries, which is involved in fuel procurement, oil and gas exploration, automobile manufacturing and assembling, transit and logistics and textile and foundry.  The company is busy in the manufacturing and assembling of FAW vehicles, which is the heavy commercial, light commercial and passenger cars.

Both the companies have started their project for the manufacturing of heavy duty vehicles and the buses, which has seen the resurgence due to relative improvement in the security and macroeconomics of Pakistan. They have produced record 6736 units of trucks and buses during the fiscal year of 2015-2016.

Some Chinese players are claiming that they have grabbed 40% market share in short time of ten years, which is due to their low price tags. The Chinese truck is provided in the market for 7.8 million and the Japanese truck has the cost of Rs.12.6 million. It is said that MAN SE has established its manufacturing plant in Pakistan.


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